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Bill Gates Money Giveaway
Below is a picture of Bill Gates that's been circulating on Facebook. Can anyone really believe they'll get $5000 if they share the photo? Or is it being shared as a joke? Since I'm feeling charitable, I'll believe the latter.

The picture is a doctored version of a picture posted by Gates during a recent AMA on reddit. Note that in addition to changing the sign he's holding, the reddit toy on the desk behind him has been replaced by what looks like a sex toy. (via David Emery)

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Posted by The Curator on Sat Feb 16, 2013
Comments (4)
Yep, I did see this on FB...............and just buzzed right by it!
Posted by hulitoons  in  Abingdon, Maryland  on  Sat Feb 16, 2013  at  10:25 AM
Inexplicably, the painting in the background has also been altered, although I can't tell what either of them are.
Posted by triv  on  Sat Feb 16, 2013  at  11:30 AM
triv: The sex toy is "The Gryphon" from Bad Dragon (which sells fantasy sex toys).

The painting in the background is some random gay furry porn. The character might be "N'Duk the Hunter" (a Mongoose) based on coloration. But it might be a dragon or something too.
Posted by Furry  on  Sat Feb 16, 2013  at  08:30 PM
The picture in the background of hi reddit looks like it could be Mr Gates face
Posted by mike terry  in  76667 mexia texas  on  Thu Apr 04, 2013  at  08:39 AM
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